Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Innisfil Studio Tour

This past weekend was the 24th Annual Innisfil Studio Tour. I was at the studio of JBPhotoworks as a guest artist. I must say, it certainly didn't feel like November because it was just too beautiful outside and the temperature was in in the high teens! Unfortunately for me, that warm weather equated to allot of clients choosing to spend those precious warm hours outside perhaps cleaning up leaves and preparing their yards for the upcoming winter months which is just around the corner! So instead of visiting all the studios, they choose to enjoy the beautiful weather. I can't say I blame anyone. Well, I can't win them all as they say. So, I will venture to say that the fantastic weather was the reason why so few people came out on the tour this year! Last year on this tour I had record sales and my work has never been better. Yes, a big public Thank You to my sweetie and partner in life Denis, he has done an amazing job on my new vertical display. One good thing that came of it was that I didn't have to make to many replacement pieces for this weekends show and it got me thinking that perhaps its time to also say thank you to my clients for their patronage all these years. You'll have to read the next blog to fully understand where this is going. Hopefully later on today, I will have enough time to send out an email to my clients to announce this show, to say thank you, and to offer an incentive if you do venture out this weekend and buy a few pieces for Christmas gifts I'll make it worth it for you. Also, if I missed you in error, please send me an email and I will certainly add you to my list. My email is

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