Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Beyond The Garden Gate Christmas Show and Sale

all weekend - Friday to Sunday, Nov 11, 12 & 13th (10AM–4PM)

I think I am all ready for this weekend! It is the second weekend in November 2016, and I am in a local show here in Port Hope called, "Beyond the Garden Gate" The Second Annual Christmas Show and Sale, on the outskirts of Port Hope, on County Road 65. I will be joining 10 talented artists for a fun-filled weekend of helping you choose appropriate and beautiful Christmas gifts for your family and friends. It is a both a beautiful setting, wait until you see the driveway, and a really lovely venue. The last time I was there a client said to me, and I quote "isn't it great to have a One-of-A-Kind sale right here in Port Hope!" So, I'm really looking forward to this weekend and seeing you all!

This weekend I will have on display my clear hollow beads, some new light blue foils, (silver leaf encased in a light blue transparent glass), my fairly new tulips, my infamous peonies, and many other favourites including black and whites. People have asked me to bring loose beads in addition to the finished pieces, so I will have some of these beads as well as large-hole beads for fitting the pandora-like bracelets.

As promised in a previous blog, I'd like to offer my readers (and of course any new clients who read this as well), a discount for multiple purchases this weekend! Just mention a "3-2-1 sale" for the multiple purchase discount offer. It is my way to say thank you for your continued patronage which simply allows me to continue with this amazing medium and to create timeless pieces for your wearing pleasure. When you mention the 3-2-1 sale, and yes, please, you do have to mention it to me directly when paying for your purchase so I can apply the discounts for you!

I will offer you a discount for the second item you purchase, and an even bigger discount for the third item you purchase. It will work in an ascending order of value, meaning the third item, and least expensive purchase will be given 50% off, and the second item, more expensive than the third item but not more than the first will be offered a 25% discount off of the listed price!
Just by purchasing one other item, lesser in value than the first piece, you will be given 25% off of the listed price. A third item, less expensive than both the first and second item, would qualify for an even larger discount, an additional 50% off of the listed price!
This means that if you picked three items, the least expensive of the three items will be your third item, and it qualifies for a 50% off, the next item in value will be the second item and it will be given 25% off, and the first item being the most expensive item will not be offered any discount.

On a certain level, it is in the spirit of Christmas, which means after you buy something for yourself, there is an incentive to buy something for somebody else... hoho. I hope all of this makes sense! Bottom line is that you'll save money if you mention the 3-2-1 sale. So to clarify, if you have a 20$, an 80$ and a 245$ item, the 80$ item gets a 25% discount, and the 20$ item gets a 50% discount. You are most welcome to purchase more than three items, but only the 2nd and 3rd items will be discounted. However, I'm sure we can work something out if you buy more than three items and if you picked three items of equal value, it still qualifies, if you mention the 3-2-1 sale!
So please just mention you heard about the 3-2-1 sale if you are buying multiple pieces of jewellery, or just a bunch of loose beads, and I'll pass along the savings to you.

I thank you ahead of time for coming out this weekend and don't forget that I still do commissions with 50% down, or payed in full for a two week delivery! There are still a few weeks before the winter holidays and before Christmas. Ho Ho HO. Cheerio!

Innisfil Studio Tour

This past weekend was the 24th Annual Innisfil Studio Tour. I was at the studio of JBPhotoworks as a guest artist. I must say, it certainly didn't feel like November because it was just too beautiful outside and the temperature was in in the high teens! Unfortunately for me, that warm weather equated to allot of clients choosing to spend those precious warm hours outside perhaps cleaning up leaves and preparing their yards for the upcoming winter months which is just around the corner! So instead of visiting all the studios, they choose to enjoy the beautiful weather. I can't say I blame anyone. Well, I can't win them all as they say. So, I will venture to say that the fantastic weather was the reason why so few people came out on the tour this year! Last year on this tour I had record sales and my work has never been better. Yes, a big public Thank You to my sweetie and partner in life Denis, he has done an amazing job on my new vertical display. One good thing that came of it was that I didn't have to make to many replacement pieces for this weekends show and it got me thinking that perhaps its time to also say thank you to my clients for their patronage all these years. You'll have to read the next blog to fully understand where this is going. Hopefully later on today, I will have enough time to send out an email to my clients to announce this show, to say thank you, and to offer an incentive if you do venture out this weekend and buy a few pieces for Christmas gifts I'll make it worth it for you. Also, if I missed you in error, please send me an email and I will certainly add you to my list. My email is

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Peony Heaven and the weather, possibly from the other side...

The Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens were simply stunning. The flowers were in full bloom and aroma. The live music and musicians were just delightful to hear and better than the previous year!

To hear all that wonderful jazz and even an operatic singer while showing and selling my custom designed or one-of-a-kind jewels was a lovely treat.
What a wonderful venue... despite the high heat and humidity on Saturday afternoon of 38 degrees in the shade. I was completely drenched when closing up for the day. We even came back to the gardens after our dinner to check that our tent hadn't blown away before heading back to Port Hope. We decided right then and there to also secure my tent to two nearby heavy metal garbage containers (in addition to our 30 pound water bags at every corner post). The next morning it went down an unbelievable chilly 17-18 degrees while setting up, and later on, the winds gust up to 50 kilometers and hour on Sunday afternoon! The wind is way more troublesome for vendors then rain which just keeps people and sales away, but does nothing for all your displays and shelter... and yes, unfortunately, it completely took out one tent that ended up looking like a wire pretzel! I wasn't very calm myself seeing one of my neighbours holding onto his tent, and another vendor who completely took it hers down, thinking it will be all Mary Poppins bound in no time... Crazy weather indeed man. I had to sport a long scarf, long pants and then I had to change from flip flops to socks and booties in the afternoon. The weather, was really, my only big complaint. Otherwise, It was a great show and with some minor tweaking, I should be able to return next year. Cross your fingers for indoor space!

Without sounding cheesy, but what was warming, was seeing all of you who came to visit me here to and who I made connections with, for the commissions, and of course for your purchases! People like Jackie, Debbie, Rhonda, Bill, Donna, Daniella, Cindy, Rick, Susan and Aunt Christine, and friends like Gino and Cathy, Carolyn and Jackie it was so lovey to see you. Thanks Deb (and her friend), Dianna, Donna, Carolyn, and Rhonda and Donald who all came in from Port Hope and Cobourg. A big shout out in Thanks for my lovely loyal clients. I sent an email a week earlier and you were prof that it does work... even without using technological savvy Mail Chimp. Also proving that yes, I am behind and I still have still to learn and implement this stuff... one of these days. Thank you to clients (and friends) like Cathy and new friends like Dee - so delighted to have met you - I'm working on your matching piece this week. And to Emily from Cindy's Alterations I hope we can do some great projects together. I hope you are enjoying your forever blooming peony pendant. Thank you to Rhonda, Emily, Brenda and Dee for the commissions. Thank you to Katrina, Gale, Christine, Emily, Pamela, Donna, Dee, Kasia, Lisa, Lucy, Leslie, Cynthia, Connie, Martina, Lauri, Rhonda, Sharon, Steve, and my sister Barb. Without you supporting me, I couldn't do this. And finally a big thank you, to Drew who bought a beautiful white, silver and grey hand-crocheted bracelet for his wife for their Wedding Anniversary this coming weekend. I am touched by your thoughtfulness to have chosen one of my pieces as your anniversary gift and it was a pleasure to have met you and your wife, and your beautiful 3 months old baby daughter Violet! Drew and his wife make the most amazing blueberry infused hot sauce called Pepper North. Denis had it last night with wings. Thank You Tammy and Tosia for sharing my online posts.
Thanks to everyone and to those whose names I didn't or who I forgot to mention, but just the same, I hope to see you again at another venue. Peggy from Forever Image Durham, Thank you for this photo of me sitting at my booth chillaxin at the end of the second day. Yes, I did deserve to chill... Thanks Pamela who let me photograph her wearing a pair of her newly acquired black and white earrings" They look amazing on her! Anyway, Thanks everyone for such a great weekend!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring is in the air and upcoming shows are on the horizon

I've been busy like a bee, ironically making bee's and flowers for my upcoming garden shows in June. The first show will be June 11th at Oshawa's Botanical Gardens on 155 Arena Street for the Annual Peony festival, so I'm also making my infamous triple peony flower beads. I had a bit of a panic because last year when I came up with the design, I cannot find any of my notes or I didn't have any notes, but I also didn't even have any cane leftover either. Now, my memory isn't as sharp as it was even 10 years ago, but I did manage to jog it in a bit of an oh no panic induced moment. I actually remembered, and all is well because last week I made three or four of them. Thank goodness! It serves me right for not writing down exactly what steps I did. I used to write down everything when I worked for a publishing firm, but now being self-employed where time is even more money, how could I forgot, or at least, I think I forgot. So without further ado, I present round one of my bees with stingers and all.

I placed them here in the same order that I made them, starting from the left and going to the right. They look similar, but in fact, there are differences that I'll explain here. In my humble, they seem to go from pretty good to nicer and the nicest one is photographed alone here so that you can see it closer up. At first, I just made a simple pair of wings with clear light amber, but later on I progressed to something fancier with transparents again but also thin lines of opaque yellows. With the first one, I was concentrating more on the technique of the whole bee as opposed to working on the wings and just to see if I could even do it. Later on I made the wings a bit fancier. I think they turned out to be a good representation of a real bee. I also started with a much larger bodied bee and as I got better, I further refined and the smaller they became. I'm quite happy with the result and hope you will like them too. Next will be stage two and finding a great way to hang them on a sterling silver chain, or perhaps if I can get them even smaller I can foresee a lovely pair of bee earrings with the stinger that gives them a bit of an edge.
The other June show will be The Artists in the Garden Show on June 18. It is a lovely show and a wonderful fundraiser.